Cheech & Chong - Spin The Bong Game

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Cheech & Chong - Spin The Bong Game

HIGH-LY ENTERTAINING: Prepare to be stoned with this Officially Licensed Cheech & Chong Stoned Spin The Bong Board Game. If you follow the rules, you’re sure to be flyin’ high by the end of the game.

TOKED UP TIMES: Get ready for countless tokes and contagious laughs while playing this game. This game will challenge all cannabis enthusiasts. Spin the bong and see what happens next. Draw a card and offer up a stoner story while directed to take a toke! Cheech & Chong Stoned will test your memory, your luck and your lungs! No guarantee that munchies won’t follow!

ADULT GAME NIGHT FAVORITE: Grab at least two of your buds (pun intended) and plenty of supplies because this game will make you feel like you’re in one of Cheech & Chong’s movies!

  • PLAYERS: 2 to whatever man!
  • AGE: 18+
  • CONTENTS: 1 Board Game, 220 cards, 1 Cardboard Bong Spinner, Instructions