Cheech & Chong-opoly Board Game

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Cheech & Chong-opoly Board Game

HIGH-LY ENTERTAINING: Mad fun with this officially licensed Cheech & Chong-opoly Board Game. It takes the traditional game you know and love and gives it a dope upgrade. Yeah, it's like the same thing, only different!

TOKED UP TWIST: All original properties are changed to places like Pot Luck Farm, Hempire Dispensary, The Courthouse & Big Bambu Dispensary. Don't worry about passing GO, you just stop by the Welfare Office to pick up some cash. Get too stoned and you'll have to pay the Munchie Tax!

THE JOINT: Watch out for Sgt. Stedenko, if he catches you blazin' one, it's a ticket straight to The Joint.

ADULT GAME NIGHT FAVORITE: Grab up to 6 of your favorite friends and buds (you know the kind we're talking about) and blaze a trail around the board.

  • PLAYERS: 2-6
  • AGE: 18+
  • CONTENTS: 1 Game Board, 2 Dice, 6 Movers with Stands, 15 Stoned Cards, 15 Not Stoned Cards, 13 Munchies Tax Cards, 12 The Joint Cards, 22 Deed Cards, and loads of Cheech & Chong Cash